Financing solutions for rural homebuyers.

Traditional financing doesn’t always encompass the needs of buyers in rural America, which is why we bring you the RuraLiving® Home Mortgage program. Whether it’s a hobby farm or tillable acreage, RuraLiving® can help you meet the needs of buyers in the community you serve. Some of the key features include:

  • Long-term financing options for a niche market in rural areas
  • Competitive long-term, fixed-rate products
  • Fee income opportunities for lenders

With help from Compeer Financial, the RuraLiving® Home Mortgage program, can accommodate rural home financing, reinforce valuable client relationships and build a dependable revenue stream.

RuraLiving® Home Mortgage Program Highlights

  • Created specifically to solve the challenges of financing non-conventional properties
  • A single note and mortgage for the entire acreage and home
  • Unique opportunity to lock in long-term financing and a fixed rate
  • Competitive pricing structure
  • A dedicated and experienced team guiding borrowers through a simple and convenient process

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